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Arm Lift - Brachioplasty

A baby's upper arms are plump and full. This appearance is usually preserved through adolescence into early adulthood.

As time passes, lifestyle choices and events (sun exposure, weight gain and loss, pregnancy), as well as genetics begin to affect the skin. The result is that the skin thins and the fat disappears. what is left is loose hanging skin, the "bat wing" deformity.

Many treatments have been proposed to treat this problem. Some treat the fat, but removal of more fat only worsens the situation. Skin tightening procedures, like lasers and peels do work, but are limited in the amount of tightening that they can produce.

To properly address the problem, excess loose sagging skin, surgery is necessary. An incision is made along the back of the arm (underneath the arm if you hold the arm out sideways), and the excess skin and fat is removed. A thin scar remains.