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Botox works by weakening muscle contraction.

If muscles are causing facial wrinkles, then botox will help.

The amount of botox needed depends on how strong the muscles are. Some people will therefore need more units of botox than others.

The first time that I give you botox, I will start with a lower dose of fewer units. This is because I can always add more, but if I use too much, I cannot take it away.

Botox takes about 4 to 7 days for full effect. Although different companies offer different botox preparations, scientific comparisons have revealed only minor differences.

After 4 to 7 days, we evaluate the effect that the botox produced. If the effect is not enough, then more units of botox are added, and we reevaluate again in another week. In this way, we determine the safest dose of botox for you - enough to produce the desired effect, but not too much to produce unwanted deformities.

After the first series of injections have determined your specific dose, then we do not have to repeat the trial again.

Botox injections last three months. During that time, the muscle is weakening. If the botox is allowed to wear off, then the muscle will strengthen quickly and the wrinkles will return. If, however, the muscle is reinjected at three months from the first injection, then the muscle will continue to weaken. If this process is repeated, the muscle weakens to the point that reinjections may only be necessary once a year.

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