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​Breast Lift - Mastopexy

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A breast lift or mastopexy, elevates the breast.

Breast droop, or ptosis can develop after pregnancy, weight loss, or with age.

Three factors must be considered when evaluating the patient for a breast lift procedure: Is there a loss of breast volume? Is there an excess of skin? and is the nipple lower than ideal? Any one patient may have one or more of these factors, and this will determine the appropriate procedure for that patient.

Another important point to consider is what breast size the patient would like to be. This will determine whether an implant is appropriate.

A breast of adequate size, but with a slightly low nipple, can be lifted with a supra-areolar lift: the removal of a small amount of tissue above the areola. This lift is limited to about 1 inch.

A breast with ptosis caused by a small volume loss can be lifted with a breast implant. This procedure is limited to patients in which the nipple is above the level of the infra-mammary fold. The use of an implant will, of course, make the breast larger.

A breast with a small amount of skin excess may also be corrected with an implant.

Larger amounts of skin excess require a procedure that removes the excess skin, and then reshapes the breast.

The combination of excess skin and significant volume loss may require both removal of the skin excess, and the addition of a breast implant.