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A breast reduction is an operation to make the breast smaller.

Women with large breasts often complain about back pain, shoulder grooves, difficulty with exercise, and a rash under the breast.

In many cases, your insurance company will cover the costs of the surgery. We will apply to them for preapproval for your surgery, and usually receive an answer within two weeks.

What you can expect:

On the days before surgery, we recommend that you use Hibiclens, or chlorhexidine gluconate to wash the breasts as this has been shown to reduce the risk of post operative infection.

On the day of surgery, in the pre op area, the surgical procedure is marked out on the breasts. We use the Tebbett's design, which produces a more natural looking breast. Most breasts are reduced to a C cup. We do not remove the nipple - this helps to preserve sensation, and patients have actually breast fed after having had a breast reduction.

The operation takes about 2 to 2 1/2 hours under general anesthesia at an outpatient center.

We do not use drains, as recent research has found them unnecessary. Most sutures are absorbable, and do not have to be removed.

You will be given medication to control any pain, although most patients are surprised that there is very little pain after this type of surgery.

We always see our patients the day after surgery. At that time, the initial dressings will be removed, the breasts examined, and you will be given instructions for wound care. These instructions will change as healing progresses.

We do not recommend a special bra, as we have found that these can compress the breasts too much. A comfortable camisole top with a built-in shelf bra is quite adequate for the first three weeks. We will advise you when you can resume wearing a regular bra (usually around three weeks post op).

Return to work depends greatly on the nature of your job, and we will advise you as to the appropriate time. 

​Breast Reduction

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