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Every face is different, and therefore the treatment is different.​

​You may have:

  • ​Skin problems
    • ​​​Dry or oily
    • ​Sensitivities or allergies
    • ​Uneven pigmentation
    • ​Wrinkles
  • ​Eyelid concerns
    • ​​droopy upper lids
    • bags under the eyes
    • ​discoloration
    • ​a "tear trough" under the lower lid
    • ​"crow's feet" at the corners
  • ​​Brow and forehead wrinkles
    • ​drooping brows
    • ​​​​​​worry lines
    • ​frown lines
  • ​​Cheek wrinkles
    • ​Nasolabial folds
    • ​hollows
    • ​flat cheekbones
  • ​Ear concerns
    • ​​large, drooping earlobes
    • ​overlarge earring holes
    • prominent ears
  • ​Nose concerns
    • ​​Bulbous or irregular tip
    • ​large nostrils
  • Lip problems
    • ​"smoker's lines"
    • ​Marionette lines
    • ​thinning lips
  • ​Mouth concerns
    • ​​looks sad - turned down corners
  • ​jowls
    • ​​sagging cheeks
  • ​​Chin concerns
    • weak chin
    • ​"peau d"orange" - that orange peel look
  • ​Neck concerns
    • ​​fat pockets
    • "turkey lines"
    • ​sagging skin
    • ​wrinkles

​When you come to my office for a consultation about your face, I will first ask you what your major concerns are.

​The next step is to identify what is causing the problems that you see.

​Next, I will present you with a series of options to address the various issues.

​The options vary, ranging from simple things like skin care to more complex treatments like fillers, Botox, and surgery.

​To learn more about the options, see the pages that follow that pertain to the problems that you are interested in. Then call for a free consultation!  (954-987-0222)