A facelift is a surgical procedure.

​A facelift is indicated when the skin is too loose to correct with fillers, lasers, or peels

The loose skin is "lifted" and pulled back to remove the wrinkles.

​If there is a lot of loose skin, more pull is needed. Too much pull, however, can cause distortion and judgement is needed to prevent this. Sometimes, some wrinkles must be left to prevent distortion, and preserve a natural look.

​There are three separate zones, which can be addressed separately:

  • ​the forehead and brow
    • ​​treated with a forehead lift, brow lift or temporal lift
  • the cheeks and jowls
    • ​​treated with an S lift
  • ​the neck
    • ​​treated with a neck lift, or male neck lift

​A full facelift addresses all of the above areas, and is normally done under general anesthesia at an outpatient surgical center.

​Medical clearance is required.

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