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The male neck poses unique problems.

The hair bearing skin is much thicker and consequently heavier that in women.

The muscles are more developed and therefore more prominent.

Fat accumulations, when present can be significantly larger.

One significant advantage is that the hair bearing skin hides scars well.

Attempts to simply lift the skin, by pulling the skin backwards and upwards produce results that are short lived. This is because the thicker, heavier skin, and the underlying muscles (the platysma) act against the upwards pull. More aggressive surgery is needed to fully address the excess fat and muscle.

Direct excision of the excess skin using an incision under the chin and in the neck corrects the problem nicely. This incision also gives access to the underlying muscles, which can be corrected. This procedure can also be done under local anesthetic in the office, and takes about 1 hour.

A new alternative treatment, Kybella, is a fat dissolving injection. Treatment consists of a series of injections into the fat along a grid pattern. Three series of injections are planned, with time allowed between injections to allow the fat to dissolve and be absorbed. The second and third injections correct any small abnormalities left after the first injection.

This treatment, does not address the underlying muscle, nor does it address any skin excess which may result from removal of the fat.

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