An S lift corrects loose skin over the cheeks and jowls.

The procedure is usually done in our office under local anesthetic (injections), with oral sedation (Xanax), or if desired, at an outpatient surgical center (at additional cost).

An S lift with no additional procedures (such as upper lids, temporal or neck lift) takes about 2 hours.

The incision is made just in front of the ear, the skin elevated off of the underlying tissues, then pulled back.

Excess skin is removed, and the skin is sutured.

If necessary, the underlying tissue layer known as the SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) may also be tightened. This added step can result in more swelling and a longer recovery period.

The patient is seen the next morning for the first follow up visit, then again at around 3 - 5 days to remove the sutures. Subsequent visits are arranged as necessary, usually weekly until healing is complete. At each visit, the patient is instructed in appropriate care of the incisions. Activity is increased on an individual basis as the patient recovers, with full activity expected within as little as 10 days, but most often within 3 weeks.

Some bruising and swelling can be expected, and, if present, usually resolve within 3 weeks. If you have an important event coming up, we suggest that you have the procedure at least 3 weeks before the event, to allow full healing.

Patients usually experience some discomfort for the first day or two. A prescription for pain medication and instructions in its' use are provided.

​S Lift

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