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Your skin deserves Medical Advice on Skincare

Studies show that most people incorrectly guess their skin type and are using the wrong products on their skin. To maximize the health and appearance of your skin, it's crucial to know your Baumann Skin Type.

That's why I am proud to offer the scientifically proven Skin Type Solutions System. Our staff has undergone extensive training about the skin and skincare ingredients so we can put you on the path to healthy skin once and for all.

Once you take the 3 - 5 minute questionnaire, you will be given a corresponding 4 - letter designation with a number and color that represent your skin type. You can remember the 4 letters, the color or the number - whichever is easiest for you.

How Skin Type Solutions works

The Skin Type Solutions System evaluates four facial skin attributes to scientifically determine your Baumann Skin Type.

Dry (D) vs. Oily (O)

Your skin's oil production and ability to hold onto water determine your skin's hydration status and tendency toward enlarged or clogged pores.

Sensitive (S) vs. Resistant (R)

Sensitive skin types experience acne, redness, burning, stinging, or frequent rashes. Resistant skin types rarely suffer from inflammation, and need stronger ingredients.

Pigmented (P) vs. Non-Pigmented (N)

Pigmented skin types experience discoloration, while non-pigmented skin types are even in color. This parameter is independent of ethnicity.

Wrinkle-Prone (W) vs. Tight (T)

Wrinkle-prone skin types require anti-aging ingredients, while Tight skin types are teenagers and others who are not yet ready for aging prevention.

A skincare regimen created just for your skin.

After you take the questionnaire, a skincare regimen will be prescribed for you. When you purchase these carefully selected products from us, you are ensuring you are buying the optimal regimen for your unique skin. All of the products have been extensively tested by dermatologists affiliated with Skin Type Solutions, and have received the coveted Skin Type Solutions Approved" seal. In addition, you will receive informational material to help you better understand your skin's issues and how to properly take care of it.

Call to schedule an appointment to discover your Baumann Skin Type once and for all, and stop wasting money on skincare products that aren't right for your skin!

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